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The goal of this book is to show all segments of sales in a simple way. It was created as a result of many years of sales experience of the author and it is full with applicable recommendations that have been proven in practice. Considering the fact that the complete life of all of us is composed of constant communication, the creation of connections and conflicts, and the sale of a particular attitude, idea or service, your ability to know the rules of the sales game is of great importance to your
success. It will greatly improve and make easier for you to achieve your goals.

The book can educate all those who earn their income through sales and marketing. Its application can be much wider regardless of
what your primarily interest is, because the ability to “sell“your ideas to others can help you build your business career. Knowing the sales skills will be of great benefit to you in everyday life. It is enough to point out the fact that for person with a developed awareness of sales is a lot easier to find a job, possesses a wider circle of acquaintances, easily solve any
problem, leaves a striking impression and more easily impose and realize its ideas.

Table of contents

Introduction to sale

Advantages of sale
A good salesman can be born or become one
Personal attributes of top salesman
Main weaknesses of an average salesman
Planning, strategy and goals of the top salesman
Top salesman has excellent knowledge of the products he represents
A sale hunter

Communication skills
An excellent seller has a formed style
Creating relationship, establishing trust
The power of attentive listening to the customer during the sales process
The art of presentation and demonstration
Top salesman projects his mind onto success
How to overcome remarks of potential buyers
The art of public speaking in front of wide audience

The main reasons for not achieving better sales results
Introduction to closing the sale
The client’s fear of purchase and words that burden sale
How to react when a customer wants to delay his decision upon the purchase
Sales ring
Closing the sale
A few recommendations when your client is married couple
Basic rules for sale
Sales techniques

Top salesman is a fair salesman, not a fraud
Top salesman aims to make progress to the level of sales manager
Marketing as a precursor of sale
The future of selling - the evolution of professional salesman to an expert for relations
How does trading affect your everyday business
Top trading requires absolute optimism, positive attitude towards life and a burning desire for success
Success! – Luck or something else?

Some more sayings of wise people who have left a deep mark in the modern world
Word of the author on the text
A word on the author

DRAGIŠA RISTOVSKI (D.R. GILBERT) has more than 20 years of practical business experience in different positions from sales to director. He start working 15 years ago as a coach of business skills, and today the area of his expertise are direct sales, negotiation, employee motivation and leadership. Author of the bestsellers "Lose only those who do not play," and “Sales rena ", published, under the pseudonym D.R. Gilbert, also these very remarkable books "Win all those who play", "The leader is in you","Sales Ring", "Map to success","Skills of influence", “How to improve your negotiating skills?“, “How to become an effective sales manager?“, „101 technique of influence“ and the latest „21 WHY? and only one HOW?“.

In business circles is known as an energetic teacher, who constantly keeps attention in his seminars and trainings and motivates listeners with positive energy. During his career he had a chance to go through all levels of sales and several levels of management. He is the founder and director of the center for business education D.R. Gilbert center group and D.R. Gilbert consulting, as well as coowner in two more companies. He works as a permanent consultant in the field of sales, motivation and leadership for few reputable companies, and he is president of APSS (the Association of Professional Sellers of Serbia).

At the begining of 2012. he established the Academy of Commercial Communication, successfuly accomplished by five generations of
attendants, and after that, in 2014 the Academy of Managerial Skills started. In addition to the Academy he is creator of 9 original business skills training programs, as well as initiator of Conference of Sales Strategies. Also, he is one of the coowners and founders of Lyceum system which has created innovative software aplication for precisely measuring of employees competences in sales and sales management.